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Design & Build Of Scunthorpe Waste Transfer Centre

Contractor: Houltons of Hull for North Lincolnshire Council

This design and build £4.15M waste transfer station project on Midland Road in Scunthorpe, commissioned by North Lincolnshire Council, was completed and handed over in September 2016 by Houltons of Hull.

Designed to ensure that 90% of the area’s waste is diverted from landfill, the site forms part of a wider £65M investment to be made by council over the next decade to divert as much residual waste from landfill as possible, at the lowest cost.


Household waste is now tipped at the new waste transfer station, repacked, compressed and then taken to a UK-based facility within 24 to 48 hours where plastics and metals are extracted for recycling. Remaining waste is then processed to generate electricity powering some 5,000 homes.

The site also provides a new location for the Council’s Transport Services, which includes office accommodation, mess facilities and parking.

The site originally housed a warehouse complex which was demolished to make way for the new waste transfer centre. The Mitton team was responsible for a range of works on site.

These included providing ventilation to the waste transfer building, installing roof mounted extractor fans controlled both by infra red and CO2 sensors, as well as a special ‘Mist-Air’ dust and odour suppression system, which sprays a fine mist to damp down odours and prevent them from escaping the building.

Mitton also installed a water distribution system across the site, as well as wash down points and a BMS control system to monitor and manage the various mechanical services processes.

North Lincolnshire Council produces around 47,000 tonnes of residual municipal waste per annum and this site has enabled the council to move up the waste hierarchy.

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