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Casting Some Light On The New SLR Regulations

At Mitton Group, we welcome the introduction of the new Single Lighting Regulations (SLR) and Energy Label Regulations (ELR), which come into effect in just a few days on 1 September 2021.

Our Electricals division has already implemented sourcing policies to ensure we optimise the environmental potential for these new regulations for all our contracts.

Lighting in a warehouse

Moving towards a circular economy

This has been an ongoing effort designed to promote efficient lighting practices for improved sustainability, in the spirit of the current drive towards a circular economy where the focus is on efficiency, longevity and reuse where possible.

Under the terms of the new lighting regulations, less energy-efficient lamps will now be gradually phased out in favour of a more eco-design. New energy labelling and a new energy rating scale giving light sources energy ratings of A – G are at the heart of the new legislation. Light sources need to meet much stricter minimum requirements in terms of energy efficiency, as well as improved quality performance.

Transition and awareness

There is a transition period as part of the new regulations, and we’re working closely with our customers to ensure full compliance and effective solutions into the future.

The new regulations also focus on public awareness, with more product data made easily available. Eventually, a QR code on the packaging will enable individual users to access technical information on lighting products, allowing them to make informed decisions.

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