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Mitton Group: Our Covid-19 Response

These are challenging times. Mitton Group is responding to the ongoing outbreak of Covid-19 by following constantly evolving guidance from our government, the World Health Organisation, the NHS and other informed bodies to mitigate risk to our employees, their families and our customers during the current public health crisis.

We have implemented a ‘remote working first’ policy, equipping all staff with the ability to work from home and thereby reducing onsite staff at our office locations to a minimum. Technology enables us to achieve this without reducing our all-important response systems.

Our engineers out in the field are continuing their work to support our customers across the country, including the supermarket chains, ensuring that vital equipment remains in prime condition during these times of unprecedented demand on the retail industry.

Our in-house COVID-19 team is reviewing the situation on a daily basis to ensure we continue to provide a safe and reliable service.

These are difficult times for everyone, and the social and commercial regulations continue to fluctuate on a daily basis. We would like to reassure you that we are committed to maintaining our operational capacities and ensuring that we continue to provide high-quality services.

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