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You’re Hired! Our Apprentice Days Bring On Board 10 New Recruits

At Mitton Group, we’ve been committed to the apprenticeship concept for many years. As an example, our Group Operations Director, Neil Burns, joined the company back in 1979 as an apprentice and this year celebrates 40 years with Mitton. And he’s not alone – many of our people began their working lives with the company, learning their trade out on site, and have progressed their careers to a senior level.

Mitton Group Apprentices receive their Tool Kits
Apprentices from Mitton Group’s 2018 intake collect their official toolboxes

So we recognise how important it is to select the right apprentices. We employ local young people who want to make their careers within the Mechanical and Electrical services world. We train them well, equipping them with the tools they need to learn, grow and develop as vital members of the Mitton team.

Introducing Mitton Group Apprentice Days

Three years ago, we introduced the concept of the Apprentice Days as an integral part of our recruitment scheme. Back in 2016 we had 12 applicants and took on four as apprentices, all of whom are still with the company and now completing or have completed the first stages of their apprenticeships.

Our recent two day event demonstrates how successful this approach has been. This time, we welcomed a total of 67 applicants and offered permanent roles at Mitton Group to 10 young people. All ten took up the offers and have now begun their training.

Bringing out the best in our applicants

So what makes the Apprentice Days different? We aim to create an interesting and informal event, which enables the applicants to showcase their own interests, skills and personalities.

Held over two days, the event breaks down into three parts. We begin with an introduction to Mitton Group, explaining how we work and what we do. Stage two is relaxed and encourages each individual to participate; they begin by interviewing each other, then progress to interviewing senior members of staff. This is followed by a practical session when they are provided with a ‘bag of bits’ and asked to make a ‘pipe person’ from scratch. This is a group activity which shows us how well each individual can work as part of a team.

High quality apprentices

Following this, Mitton’s HR team narrows down the candidates for a two to one face-to-face interview, which is all about them and what they see themselves doing as a future career. This year’s Apprentice Days resulted in 26 face-to-face interviews. “The calibre of the applicants this year was very encouraging,” stated Daniel Keenan, Head of Human Resources. “Had we had sufficient capacity on the apprentice programme, we would happily have offered permanent positions to all the individuals who reached the formal interview stage.”

Applicants come to Mitton Apprentice Days via a variety of routes; some have approached Mitton directly through the year, others are referred by current employers and some come from local colleges. The apprenticeships available, managed in association with Leeds College of Building and Kirklees College, include HVAC Installation, HVAC Service and Maintenance, Electrical Engineering and Plumbing.

This year, we are pleased to welcome the following apprentices to Mitton Group:-

  • Mr Aidan Savage
  • Mr Alex Ward
  • Mr Charlie Gibson
  • Mr Conor Hodgson
  • Mr Mac Taylor
  • Mr Remy Lewis
  • Mr Luke Raistrick
  • Mr Bradley Thompson
  • Mr Josh Laban
  • Mr Liam Turner
  • Mr Oliver Kelly
  • Mr Aaron Haugh
  • Mr Ewan Anderson
  • Miss Lucy Feather

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