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Back To Work – Is Your Building Covid-19 Safe?

The gradual relaxation of regulations governing commercial conduct during the COVID 19 pandemic means that many businesses are now contemplating opening up workplaces and commercial spaces. Building services engineers and facilities managers are looking closely at checks and systems that may need to be implemented to ensure that staff, customers and visitors remain safe and protected.

Mitton Group are providing a tailored package via their nationwide network of engineers and technicians, advising on how building services can play a role in minimising the spread of the virus. This service examines individual premises and provides guidance, improvement works and equipment to ensure workspaces are safe to reopen with the right levels of protection.

The package covers all relevant areas of building services, from checks on ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment through to washrooms and water supplies. It extends to the installation of fixed hand sanitising stations and signage as required, up to and including the installation of ‘spacing’ indicators to assist with maintaining two metre social distancing.

Mitton Group provides specialist services checking on and improving ventilation provision in buildings, checking and cleaning filters, increasing air supply and exhaust ventilation. In some cases, it may be desirable to alter air conditioning systems to run on full outside air and to extend operating times. Room air cleaners may prove helpful in specific situations.

Water systems and supplies may require attention too. Left unattended, there is a possibility that Legionella bacteria could build up and present a significant hazard. The Mitton Group service includes flushing through water systems to minimise risk and make washroom facilities safe for use.

Additional services include fixtures and fittings including hand sanitiser pumps, a range of signage options in line with national guidance and recommendations on general improvements.

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