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New British Standard Will Measure Indoor Environment Quality

Jonny Knowles, Director, Mitton Group

At Mitton Group, we’re welcoming the decision by the British Standards Institute (BSI) to fast-track the development of a new standard focused on measuring Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ).

Indoor Environment Quality foliage in front of air conditioning unit

Following on from the excellent work completed by EFT Consult, and also by BESA’s Health & Wellbeing in Buildings group, we look forward to having firm guidelines in place which will support our own commitment to designing heating, ventilation, and lighting systems to the benefit of those using the buildings.

It is also anticipated that the new standard may result in the creation of a Wellbeing Performance Rating applicable to any building.

This is a step forward that affects us all. We all use or visit offices and other public buildings as part of our everyday working lives. Because of the nature of our work, the Mitton team has long been aware of the impact poor air quality can have on many aspects of building performance, from personnel productivity to energy efficiency. Our engineers work to design specifications and control systems focused on creating spaces to optimise lifecycle costs, thermal comfort, and healthy levels of ventilation.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is set to produce new guidance on air quality targets this year. We anticipate that these will also set out information specific to building interiors and acceptable levels of interior air quality which often fall short of exterior conditions.

Poor air quality is simply not acceptable. We have the systems and technology to ensure that everyone benefits from good indoor air quality. It’s not just about how the systems are installed but also how they perform going forward;  monitoring and maintenance will be vital considerations in ensuring we all benefit from working in comfortable, healthy buildings.

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